Evelyn Jimenez
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The Ultimate Valentine

Hearts, balloons and chocolate roses lined the isles as I strolled through the department store. It was evident that they were prepared for one of the most celebrated holidays, Valentine’s Day.

Millions of dollars in revenue were being poured into the retail market as people search for the perfect gift to be given as an expression of dedication and love. Yet, as I watched the faces of the people purchasing sweetheart gifts for this once a year day, I wondered how long their gesture of kindness would last.

I realized that many would not be remembered on that day of hearts, ribbon, and candy. An elderly woman may be sitting at home alone with no phone calls from children or friends. A homeless man may be scavenging through garbage cans in search of his next meal. A child may sit in his bedroom afraid while his parents argue and scream from another room. Although this day was set aside as a holiday to express love and thoughtfulness to loved ones, many will be left with broken dreams and a feeling of loneliness. Our Savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ, came and demonstrated His love in a way that no one else could, He opened His arms wide on Calvary while He hung on a cross to show His love to a world that needed embracing from it's Creator.

How could this wonderful Savior love us in such a way? God’s word says, “God demonstrated His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom. 5:8). Even before we had a clue that we were in need of a Savior, God poured out His love. This was not an “all talk and no action” God, this was the King of the universe standing behind His word and putting love into action.

Red roses did not line the Villa de la Rosa as Jesus walked the streets to Calvary; Hearts and balloons did not display a welcoming for this mighty King, He bore thorns of injustice, hate, and sin upon His brow. Jesus did not experience being loved when His disciples scattered and one denied Him. Because of His great love towards us, the Son of God took upon Himself the torment that was the weight of our sins.

He did all this and became the ultimate valentine for the entire world. He showed His great love for us in a way that no one else could. Nor will there ever be another who has loved us is such a magnificent way. “Greater love has no one than this, that He laid down His life for His friends.” (John 15:13).

If during this time you feel discouraged and unloved, let the love of Christ embrace you. His love has not diminished in the last two thousand years. The blood that He poured on Calvary has not lost its power. Chocolate bon bons, pink teddy bears, and valentine cards cannot compare to the greatest love that has already been given to us by Jesus Christ. The love that He has for us is one you can depend on. He is someone who will faithfully love you for all eternity because He is faithful. (1 Cor. 10:13).

Don’t allow the commercialism of this season to rob you of the love that has already been poured out for you by a God who died for you. He loves you now, and He loved you on Calvary. As Jesus hung on that cross you were on His mind.

You may walk an isle in a department store this Valentine season in search of a perfect gift, looking for a way to express to someone your affection and love, but let us also walk down the isles of our own hearts to take a journey though the path of the Via De La Rosa. To the place were Jesus already demonstrated His love towards us by pouring his life on the cross. Won’t you embrace Him today, and receive His love?

Among all those love gifts in the department store there is not one that will last for all eternity. When Valentines Day is past, left over gifts will be packaged and put away or sent to the clearance isle. But one thing is certain, the love of Christ cannot be put in boxes, nor can it be contained or discounted. His love has been poured out for all generations so that we may know that we are loved.

Jesus Christ who loved us on Calvary has continued to love us and will for all eternity. It is not a love that will last for only one day, but it is a love that will never end. It is a love that is pure and one that cannot be denied. After all who else has given His life for you or I so that we may live forever with Him? Jesus Christ came with the greatest Valentine gift of all time, His life. Won’t you embrace Him? He is waiting.

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for the love you gave me by sending your Son Jesus Christ to die for me. I realize that I have not fully experience your love and forgiveness for my life that was given to me by Jesus Christ on the cross. He died for me so that I may live forever. So I ask you to forgive me, and wash my sins away. I now invite Jesus Christ to come into my life and I ask you to help me to walk in a way that is pleasing to you. Thank you for reaching down from heaven and touching me with your love and giving me life forever with you. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen

If you prayed this prayer from your heart, I would love to be in prayer for you about this important decision. Please email me at EvelynSpeaks@aol.com. God bless you.

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