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Evelyn Jimenez

Evelyn Jimenez


Evelyn is a gifted vessel of the Lord she is:

  • Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Anointed Author
  • Talented Photographer
  • National Inspirational Speaker
  • You will be richly blessed as Evelyn ministers to your group.

Bright, cheerful, and inspiring, Evelyn communicates her love for people with hope and encouragement. Her heart-felt messages are delivered with confidence and humor motivating her listeners to change in spite of obstacles in their lives.

Evelyn’s own journey has taken her through many curves down life’s highway as she has experienced pain and difficulties. She was raised as an only child feeling lonely and searching to belong. She found herself growing up with the guilt and shame of molestation. Evelyn has known and battled the pain of grief from losing five family members to cancer. An older half brother that she called her “superman” was killed instantly in a head-on car collision. Trying to be strong and hide the pain, she took on more and more responsibility in leadership programs while continuing to care for her aging parents. She then fell prey to the grip of anxiety and panic attacks in her endeavor to find purpose. She sensed she had lost her aim and direction in life and felt like a tumbleweed tossed in the winds of life. But God in His sovereignty and everlasting mercy reached down with His arms and embraced her with His arms and with His love.

Evelyn is now a motivational speaker with a heart towards helping those who are emotionally hurting and in need of an encouraging touch. Her style is powerful-yet down to earth-as she shares and ministers God’s Word in a practical way. She exhorts her listeners with humor and vitality as she challenges them to reach for more of God and let His purpose and plan become a richer reality in their lives. Her desire is that God’s love will radiate and burst into people’s hearts as if it were an assortment of bright and colorful fireworks, radiating Gods light and hope against the dark skies of life.

Let Evelyn encourage and challenge you through her presentations to be all that God created you to be.

Evelyn is a licensed Minister and is a graduate of Florence Littauer’s C.L.A.S.S. (Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers Seminar).


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